PS5’s First Update Supports 120Hz and HDR Boost

Sony’s first major system software update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is now available and includes various support and improvements, including external cold storage and new social features.

The update also includes some previously unannounced features, such as improved support for the 120Hz refresh rate for PC monitors and HDR settings.

With the update, TVs or monitors with 1080p/120Hz display support can now be used to play PS5 games and users have the added option of switching console output video to non-HDR when using software without HDR support.

The latest version update (21.01-03.00.00) also reveals new options for HDMI Device Link compatible displays.

Now users can enable or disable One-Touch Play features individually. Apart from that, users can also disable in-game chat and hide games from game library.

Reporting from Polygon on Friday (4/16/2021), other updates also include storing PS5 games on USB additional storage, using the Share Play feature with players on PS4, adding zoom to accessibility features, to updates to Game Base and Profiles.

Parental control settings also got an update. Now, users can select a country or region in parental control settings for PS5 users and guests who haven’t joined the PlayStation Network yet.

The country or region selected will determine what ranking system is applied to PS5 games and apps. You can see a more complete list of software updates on Sony’s official website for the PlayStation 5 update.